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Dive in Montanita, Ecuador

Welcome to Otro Mundo dive center

Here you will find all the information you need about sports and nature activities around Montañita, Ecuador. Canopy, snorkeling in beautiful reefs, paragliding and of course diving are just some of the activities we have to offer you.

If you are serious about learning to dive you came to the right place. We are the only recognized PADI dive center in Montañita, Ecuador. We brought diving to Montanita after working and exploring the underwater world in many regions around the world.

We fell in love with the island El Pelado, we call little Galapagos. Around the island you can find variety of rich marine life like mantas, turtles, sea lions and whales. You will discover amazing underwater formations and reefs around the bottom of the island and when surfacing you see the local blue footed blue boobie birds.

We've been teaching diving in Montañita since year 2000 and we have been involved with the local fisherman and communities to preserve, and eco-manage the "El Pelado" island and coastal area.

You can get involved in our volunteer projects: helping injured marine animals, teaching English to local kids, beach cleanup, recycling project and more...

Our office is located in main street of Montanita (Guido Chiriboga) next to Banco Bolivariano and our training facilities are located at a beautiful beach resort. There we have a private beach front, training pool, beach bungalows, volleyball court, restaurant and bar.

We will be glad to show you the underwater world around Montañita and get you on board if you wanna do good and help the environment in one of our volunteer projects. Feel free to contact us by mail or just visit our office!